June 17, 2010

Census took me on for another operation, so I'll likely be employed with them until at least the end of July.

Bittersweet, I guess. It IS a lot of money.

June 14, 2010

One Year Ago.

I graduated one year ago. Today.

John Glenn spoke to a graduating class of roughly eight thousand exactly a year ago (largest in Ohio State's history!). “We are more fulfilled when we are involved in something bigger than ourselves . . .”

It's weird. I thought I would be living in DC, I thought I would be working on the Hill, I thought I would be so so many things. I don't think I pictured any of what is currently happening in my life is something I imagined for myself. And yet--I'm happier now than I was a year ago. (Though a year and a HALF ago, mid-senior year at the happiest place on earth, maybe not.)

Anyway, things have been going pretty well. The Census is wrapping up, which makes my life a hell of a lot easier (though also a lot less profitable), and the restaurant has stopped putting 15 servers on for a weekday lunch, so I walk out of there with a decent amount of money. Life's pretty good. A year ago, I was severely depressed, feeling inadequate, frustrated. Hell, I felt that way six months ago. And I still have an occasional relapse. But today at work someone told me that I make a lot of people smile. And that's enough for me.

One year feels like it should be such a remarkable thing: we measure our lives in birthdays, we make resolutions when we receive a new year, we celebrate anniversaries of relationships, deaths. Companies do an annual performance review and offer raises based on years of service. But could I not have written this post yesterday? Yesterday was very nearly a year, and also yesterday the class of 2010 graduated. Nothing much happened today: I went in to work, I made some dollars, I did about three hours of Census work, I'm preparing to go bowling. This is exactly what I did a week ago today. Could I not have thought about this a week ago? It's strange, but today feels big.

Happy one year anniversary, Ohio State class of 2009.

June 02, 2010


So Kate's in-laws (whom I call the Denys) go camping every Memorial Day weekend and call the event "Massacre." I think that should have been a sign.

First of all, I wasn't told there would be NO RUNNING WATER until days before the event, after I was already locked in, equipment secured (borrowed off of cousins and anyone else that knew what they were doing in the woods), bag packed (at least in my head), work notified. So the latrine was smelly and weird and FLIESOMG and ugh I am way too girly for camping.

Then there were the activities. Like Daniel Booneyhands. Which I did NOT RSVP for and do NOT regret not RSVPing for, but DO regret participating in. Mostly against my will. Daniel Booneyhands is a loose reinterpretation of Edward 40-hands, except that instead of duct-taping two 40s to your hands, you use Boone's Farm. (And pink duct tape, which is a way to fight cancer. They are very committed to philanthropy, those Denys). It ends exactly as poorly as you would imagine. Before we began one of the Denys dug a trench. That is foresight. There were 12 participants. Five needed use of the trench. (Including me.) Kate and I finished in what was an amazing sister to sister Booneyhandsoff at the last minute for the Ladies Division. Proud winner? YOURS TRULY. Many people claimed it was the most exciting part of the weekend. I do not disagree.

I haven't been able to take a look at the photos from this weekend yet and I am not real sure that it'll happen anytime soon. I need to let that Boone's Farm settle first. Which may never happen.

Other than those two hang-ups though, it was pretty fun. No poison ivy to report, which is AWESOME.

Will I do it again? I can see myself getting conned into this again, yes. Lord help me.

Up next? Columbus for the Memorial Tournament, one of my favorite weekends every year. Love.