July 24, 2009

Things are Looking Up

So, on my last voyage to our nation's capital, I left my Coach bag (seriously, I wouldn't use the brand name at all, except that it was expensive!), containing my Coach wallet ($!), my driver's license(s, don't ask), a checkbook, 2 debit cards, a credit card, and various other artifacts of life that inevitably collect themselves in the zippers and hidden pockets of my belongings on the Metro.

This was, of course, supposed to have been a great day. Bales and I were looking at apartments and getting very excited about actually being big people. I also secured a (paid!!!) internship at a company about which I am very excited (the internship as well as the company itself). I had met the HR woman before, and I was told that they wouldn't hire me entry-level because they essentially only hire people that have interned for them, and in rare cases, for other companies that do similar work. In very rare cases, they look at other people's resumes. Rare.

So, I have high hopes for this (PAID!!!) internship. Again, I'm excited about the company, excited about the work, and excited about my prospects for staying there long term.

Then I left my purse on the Metro.

Good. God. It was an incredible pain to get home. For future reference, if you're planning on doing any air travel, I would recommend having a state issued ID. Just, you know, to make things easier. Regardless, I did get on the plane. And the flight was on time, and I was home, and replaced my ID, got a new checking account number, put fraud alerts on the three national credit bureaus, et cetera.

We did not sign a lease, forcing us to push back the ideal August 1 moving date (though it may be best anyway, given that I start my (PAAAAAAAAAAAID!!!!) internship in September) and return to the city in early August.

Yesterday I came home from good old HBH, drained, prepared for what I had chalked up to be "the greatest nap of all time."

I got an email.

The purse has been turned in! I swear to God, I don't know how I got this lucky. To be honest, at this point, it's just stuff--I've already replaced my credit cards and whatnot, but that "stuff" amounts to $300 worth of leather and countless ticket stubs that, you know, I want. And am psyched about having returned to me.

The online form on which I reported my lost item to Metro asked how much money I would guess was in the purse. I said $40, a rough estimate. When I called Metro after getting the email that it had been returned to figure out my options on getting the purse back, they told me I had $32 in there. The woman apologized to me, saying that someone must have taken some of the cash.

I laughed out loud.

July 07, 2009

Happy Birthday, America!

It feels like it has been so long since I updated, and I don't know why that is. It hasn't been a long time, and not a lot has happened.

I didn't write about my graduation party last time I wrote. In short, it was lovely. Jon was a big hit, especially with my grandmother, who is, shall we say, obsessed? That may be a little strong, but not much. She also made me a pecan pie, which made me want to graduate again. That woman's pies are just... God, incredible.

I digress. I am still awaiting response from the SA interview, though, like I mentioned, I don't expect much. Jon met a girl from another place to which I applied and she said that they were going to be making calls this week. So I wait, hopeful. It's an interesting job, and one that I am really excited about.

The 4th of July came and went (what happened to 2009? Already halfway over?!?). Julia and Suzie, two friends of mom's, got married in Boston and had a reception. I get so excited when I think about the fact that this country is beginning to support people like Julia and Suzie in their relationships. They are wonderful people, have been together 24 years (!), and are clearly still in love. How can you argue with that?

July 02, 2009

One Month In Either Direction

In about two weeks, I am going to DC to look at apartments and sign a lease. I'm getting more nervous and more excited every day. In almost exactly a month, I'll be moving into my very first apartment.

I am also a little less than a month out of school, which is also kind of crazy to me. I can't believe I am a college graduate. That is completely insane. Completely. It still feels like I'm just on summer break because I've just been staying at home and have begun working at Honeybaked again. Today was my first day, and it was deadly slow. I'm just grateful that Greg has the space to let me work, knowing I am leaving August 1.

I am hoping, in a month, to earn over half my rent payment. That is because DC is wildly expensive.

I had a job interview for a Hill Staff Assistant Position, which was a giant relief if only because I have been sending resumes for months and have heard nothing. I guess I was beginning to feel like I was wasting my time. I don't know, scoring an interview at this point feels like quite an achievement, even if I did mess it up pretty heartily. I think being on the phone instead of in person made me incredibly nervous. I'm usually really good at interviews, so it's hard not to beat myself up about it too much. Let's just say though that I don't expect to hear anything.

In other news, I hope Bales's parents are willing to cosign for our lease because neither one of us has a job that pays nearly enough for us to be able to sign it on our own (or even, you know, a job at all), and mom said she doesn't think Tim would even think about it. I hate the real world. Can I be 20 again? That was the perfect age.