April 28, 2009

Oh, Britney...

I decided to start doing the occasional Plinky prompt, because I like the idea and kind of want it to succeed. This particular prompt was: You have the opportunity to talk 5 minutes worth of sense into a wayward celebrity. Who do you choose?

It was multiple choice, so...I chose Britney.

Oh, Britney. I really do love you. Who doesn't? Even Dr. Phil loves you! And he doesn't like anyone! God, a Britney-Phil episode would be sweet. I'd watch that shit with my mother.

Figuring things out, one at a time

This time it hasn't been terribly long! I don't have a whole lot to say, though, so this probably won't be as interesting as you may have hoped. I feel that in general my posts lately have not been as good as the earlier ones. I apologize for that. Maybe something interesting will happen that I can write about?

So Jon was in town again this weekend, and it was pretty fabulous. The weather was absolutely lovely, and we went to the Spring Game and to a party and to bars and to the center of the Oval, and I don't know. It was just a lovely, lovely time.

The workload for school has slowed down substantially, since I already turned in my once a quarter projects, I can (mostly) cruise from here on out.

Things are looking up. I just need to find a job. Stat.

I have been making calls to people about advice for working on the Hill, and I kind of hate it. I recognize it's what I need to do and all that, but I feel like I should be able to stand on my own, and it's somewhat devastating that I can't, in a very egotistical way. I don't know, I feel like I haven't needed this much help in a very long time, and I am so frustrated that there is nothing I personally can do to help myself out (as what I was doing for myself clearly hasn't worked). I know, I should get over it--this is what everyone has to do! Think of it in some other way, one that is not as pathetic! Do everything you can to advance yourself! Worth it! That kind of thing. But it's really not as easy as I thought it would be to ask for help. Not that I really thought about asking for help in this way before.

So if anyone has any grand advice or knows anyone spectacular that I should contact, you know, this is me asking for help. From all ya'll. Woof.

April 16, 2009

Spring Quarter

I just woke up from a five hour nap. Yikes.

Kate's bridal shower is coming up (which is just so weird, even still), and things are coming together. I'm pretty excited about a recent development that I will explain later, as there are surprises in store for Miss Kate (soon to be Mrs. That is effing WEIRD).

Had an insane crazy night last night, as I am wont to do in this, my final quarter. Let I ended up throwing up in the toilet at Bento. I don't remember when we made the decision to go to Bento, or why, but we did. And somehow I ended up with some purple thing and it was sugary and alcoholic and I don't even know.

It was nice though because I was with Kerri and Bailey and Taylor, some of my fave DDD alumnae, and I forced Bailey to stay with me at the Lodge so that she would not drive home and thus could enjoy her night. And enjoy it we did.

I was really hungover in class today, so the five hour nap I feel was justified. Or something. And now I've just gotten snookered into going out tonight for candidate bar night. Ah well, should be fun times.

April 14, 2009


Once again, I apologize. I feel like I start most blog entries with that. Regardless, a lot has happened and things are going well.

I LOVE my internship, which is really nice, because most of what I'm doing is the same as the entry-level position for what I want to do long term. So, points toward a happy future. I am also getting more into applying for nearly everything that interests me at least a little.

The book is coming along, a little. I transcribed all the interviews and have begun reading them over, highlighting, making notes, and whatnot. So I'm at least that far. And a lot of people are really excited about it, which is helpful.

Spring break was lots of fun--last I posted I was in ATL with the younger sibs and daddy, but after that I went to Chicago with Kate and her friends to celebrate the death of "Anne." (She's dropping the middle name and moving our last name toward the center). Lots of alcohol, a few drag queens, and a ton of tapas. Perfect.

I went to D.C. this past weekend for the long-awaited Jon visit. It went really well, and I guess the technical term for what is happening is called "talking." Which is... fabulous, actually. I'm just kind of upset because my family(that's you, readers) are not that up on it.

Like, Kate's response was "I don't know, Chris, I just feel like...you deserve someone that would never NOT be interested." Which is really very sweet, and I appreciate that, and all that jazz, but then dad's response was, "don't do anything with anyone for the reason that you just don't want to be alone. Be with someone because you're ok with being alone, but would rather be with him." Again, very nice, but, you know, maybe you all should be excited? He's really a good guy and you're freaking me out.

Regardless, I did get to see Stephanie, my m-effing hero, which was so nice and just... I just really love her. A lot. And her response to Kate was, "i understand her point. As long as he knows he has already used his second chance. Which means if he fucks up, I'll kill him in his sleep." I guess that was more the response I was looking for?