April 16, 2009

Spring Quarter

I just woke up from a five hour nap. Yikes.

Kate's bridal shower is coming up (which is just so weird, even still), and things are coming together. I'm pretty excited about a recent development that I will explain later, as there are surprises in store for Miss Kate (soon to be Mrs. That is effing WEIRD).

Had an insane crazy night last night, as I am wont to do in this, my final quarter. Let I ended up throwing up in the toilet at Bento. I don't remember when we made the decision to go to Bento, or why, but we did. And somehow I ended up with some purple thing and it was sugary and alcoholic and I don't even know.

It was nice though because I was with Kerri and Bailey and Taylor, some of my fave DDD alumnae, and I forced Bailey to stay with me at the Lodge so that she would not drive home and thus could enjoy her night. And enjoy it we did.

I was really hungover in class today, so the five hour nap I feel was justified. Or something. And now I've just gotten snookered into going out tonight for candidate bar night. Ah well, should be fun times.

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