April 14, 2009


Once again, I apologize. I feel like I start most blog entries with that. Regardless, a lot has happened and things are going well.

I LOVE my internship, which is really nice, because most of what I'm doing is the same as the entry-level position for what I want to do long term. So, points toward a happy future. I am also getting more into applying for nearly everything that interests me at least a little.

The book is coming along, a little. I transcribed all the interviews and have begun reading them over, highlighting, making notes, and whatnot. So I'm at least that far. And a lot of people are really excited about it, which is helpful.

Spring break was lots of fun--last I posted I was in ATL with the younger sibs and daddy, but after that I went to Chicago with Kate and her friends to celebrate the death of "Anne." (She's dropping the middle name and moving our last name toward the center). Lots of alcohol, a few drag queens, and a ton of tapas. Perfect.

I went to D.C. this past weekend for the long-awaited Jon visit. It went really well, and I guess the technical term for what is happening is called "talking." Which is... fabulous, actually. I'm just kind of upset because my family(that's you, readers) are not that up on it.

Like, Kate's response was "I don't know, Chris, I just feel like...you deserve someone that would never NOT be interested." Which is really very sweet, and I appreciate that, and all that jazz, but then dad's response was, "don't do anything with anyone for the reason that you just don't want to be alone. Be with someone because you're ok with being alone, but would rather be with him." Again, very nice, but, you know, maybe you all should be excited? He's really a good guy and you're freaking me out.

Regardless, I did get to see Stephanie, my m-effing hero, which was so nice and just... I just really love her. A lot. And her response to Kate was, "i understand her point. As long as he knows he has already used his second chance. Which means if he fucks up, I'll kill him in his sleep." I guess that was more the response I was looking for?

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Kate said...

I'm not entirely sure Steph's response and mine are actually different, but whatevs. I guess what I mean to be saying is this: I'm happy if you're happy, and I'm willing to believe he's the greatest thing since sliced bread if you do. But I'm skeptical. That's all.