April 10, 2010

Shambles. In a Good Way.

Not a single blog post in the month of March? Erroneous.

A brief recap of the entire month of March, which most of you probably already know, given that most of my y'all are Twitter followers also:

The restaurant for which I work opened and I generated some income for the first time in 2010. Holler. The people are insanely nice and they are really good about me taking time off. So, not an ideal job, but as close as possible given the circumstances.

I don't know if I have mentioned my being adopted into a group my mother calls "The Misfits," a group of people from my high school. We go bowling on Monday nights. Its...awkward. And fantastic. The waitress at IHOP (where we always go after) knows us. She calls me "Sunny" because I only order my eggs sunny side up, and only order from the pictures. She gives me a kids menu. The DJ at the bowling alley plays my songs first and fixes my score so I get a 300. We have a great time.

Got hired (part time/temporary) for the Census. Training begins an hour and a half after I land in Kentucky. So it will probably be interesting to see how I get through day one.

The new Ohio Union opened, so of course I went to Columbus to see it and experience it myself. It. Is. Stunning. And I had a long conversation with the director of the Union, and she (along with several other employees of The Ohio State University's Student Affairs office) started telling me thousands of reasons why I should consider a Master's program in Higher Ed/Student Affairs, which is something I have considered but not with any seriousness. So I've started doing very preliminary research. Because of my (incredible) timing, I would have until December to apply and wouldn't be able to start until September 2011. So I have a lot of time, is what I'm saying, so...we shall see. A lot can change in a year and a half.

My stepsister's baby is officially a boy, FINALLY.

Currently, I am in the lovely city of Los Angeles visiting Dominic and causing a general ruckus. Tonight, I am going to get a milkshake at Millions of Milkshakes, where celebrities create their own milkshakes and you can order them. OBVIOUSLY I plan on getting a Miley shake. And I've heard "Party in the USA" a zillion times (never enough, obviously) since hopping off the plane at LAX.

But seriously, I mentioned booking the flight here (the last part of that long entry), in a fit of depression, needing something to look forward to. I spent an absurd amount of money on the flight, money I didn't have and wasn't sure I'd ever have, and just...booked. And Lord I'm glad I did. It's been insanely good. I never thought I'd actually get here, because I bought the thing so long ago. But here I am, and I leave tomorrow, and that news is traaaaaaaagic.

Also, it's Mandy Moore and Haley Joel Osment's birthday, which I celebrated in middle and high schools by making M&M cookies, watching their movies, and listening to her CDs on a loop. I...only got cooler? After that?

Also, it's Masters week, and Tiger is back, and I. Love. Golf. He's never come back from a 54 hole deficit to win in a major, so things aren't looking very promising, but I don't know, I think there's still a fairly amazing chance he'll kick ass and take names.

In sum, life is good. Or, as Dominic says, "shambly," as in: in shambles. I wouldn't have it any other way. (Aren't shambles what your 20s are supposed to be all about?)

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Unapologetically Mundane said...

My karaoke place here in NYC finally added "Party in the USA" to their book, and I was sooooo pumped to sing it last weekend when we went. But it turns out that song is HARD. It almost makes me . . . respect? . . . Miley. Or at least her producers.