January 26, 2010

Miss Chris, Revisited?

Today I started the (entirely too long) process of applying to be a substitute teacher. So if you or anyone you know wants to write me a reference, I need a WHOLE HOST of them. Yikes.

I'm starting to reach record levels of desperation, getting frustrated at not hearing back from jobs I didn't even want in the first place. It's depressing. I'm still waiting to hear back from Alex regarding the job at Friday's, hoping she finds a way to con the head manager into hiring me.

In other news, the UK Wildcats are #1 in the country, the only Division 1 undefeated left. Very exciting.

P.S. My kindergarten teacher used to call me Miss Chris. Love. (Especially since she was way before her time; I didn't start going by Chris until I was 14.)

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