December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving, Among Other Things

Thanksgiving weekend is terrible because it's so wonderful and you know it lasts for all of four days before you have to return to the workload. And the worst part is, it's more work than usual. So here I am, superstressed post-Thanksgiving, having just been given a taste of what is to come.

But, all the same, Thanksgiving pies and broccoli cheese casserole and delicious things were all very delicious. I effing love Thanksgiving. Minus the "itis" you get afterward (Thank you, Patrick). I also realized that I kind of hate turkey. It's always dry I feel like. Even when people say it's really good, it tastes dry to me. So I eat lots of sides and am made even more happy.

Friday night I hung out with Mom, Kate, Thomas, and the Gavin girls. AND THEIR BABIES. Kyleigh is positively adorable. Brooklyn is kind of a bad kid, but she's cute also. And, you know, she has pierced ears, so Kate automatically thinks she's THAT. MUCH. MORE. beautiful, right?

Immediately after dinner Friday, Kate, Thomas, and I went to Loveland to celebrate with Thomas's Family. Talk about a change of scenery. My families are, on the one side, alcoholics, and on the other....well, I saw my grandmother take a sip of wine and I was a a little taken aback. So, playing flip cup (loudly) with the cousins is atypical. And we also had an aunt and an uncle playing along with. Craziness, I tell you. I guess that's how a lot of families do it, but I have these images of my childhood when we all sat at one table, my grandparents, Anne and Steve, Vickie and Jim, and me, Kate, and Dad. It was quiet and nice. And now there's all kinds of "crazy" with Eric and Kit and Ender and Destiny and Thomas...we spilled onto a second table.

...But we're still not playing flip cup in the garage, so I guess my definition of a crazy holiday is quite different than most.

Anyway, we got up Saturday morning and tasted cakes for Kate's wedding. It was a lot of cake. We had a piece of Cheesecake, then we went and had samples of like 6 different cakes and they were SO GOOD.

I highly recommend cake tastings for all those who ever have the opportunity. I really liked the pumpkin cake, but it's unfortunately inappropriate for a May wedding. Lame.

On a side note, I hate group projects.

And in late breaking news:


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