December 02, 2008


We have our first cast meeting for the Vagina Monologues tomorrow. I don't know how this is going to go. Everyone I know that auditioned got it, so I feel less excited about making the cast. Maybe everyone I know is just really talented. Including me. Right.

When I said that Mechanic is married, I want to clarify. I suggested the auto shop to a sorority sister, and she went, and saw...a ring. I did not go up there and ask him out, so for those of you hoping for an incredibly hilarious story, I am sorry to disappoint.

Also, I have not been taking Lexapro (for those of you not in the know, it is my amazing anti-depressant. My happy pill. Whatever, I love it and am not ashamed of my depression) lately. By "lately" I mean "for a full month," largely because mom was under the impression that Kate and I were covered under Tim's insurance, and we ended up not being, so when dad's insurance lapsed, Kate and I were no longer covered. At all. Tim was told about a month ago that, basically, they are downsizing the building inspection department (due to 1.buildings not needing to be inspected, because one is building anything, and therefore one is buying permits, so 4.there is no source of income or way to pay the inspectors). In other words, if Tim keeps his job, he will get a pay cut.

So I've been reluctant to fill the prescription at full price because I know that it's a rough time for mom and Tim. Mom yelled at me for not filling it (I didn't really tell her my reasoning), but I still don't feel right about it.

That said, I finally got the prescription filled for mom's sake Sunday when I returned to Columbus and have been taking it since, but it takes a good two weeks to get back into my system. So, the two days that I have been on it are doing virtually no good. And this is a bad time to not have Lexapro. It's stress season around these parts, and I would like to lift a bit of the finals-induced anxiety.

Then, yesterday, I got a very vague email that I am going to be even vaguer about, and I am kind of freaking out. I know it will be fine, that I'm filling in the gaps with things that I shouldn't, but not having Lexapro is a major issue already with finals, and now this... Again, cognitively I know that it's going to be okay, but this isn't really a cognitive issue.

...And now, off to get hot apple cider with Alex, who seems to be deciding to text me lately.

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