May 14, 2009

Technology Tells You What I'm Doing

I am in class and decided to be terrible. I already Twittered, why not lengthen the process?

I leave for Kate's wedding in about an hour and a half. I'm totally unready for the fact that my sister is going to be married. I'm excited, but also really very nervous. My shoes are very uncomfortable, and I'd like to not be the star of embarrasing family dinner conversations for years to come. You know, about how I fell on my face in front of the entire family. Also, my toast might be kind of awful, but I guess we shall see. I measure sucess based on how much my daddy cries.

I just looked up and realized I have no idea what's going on in this class and I'm pretty sure the Professor can tell. And if he can't, he will when he starts asking me questions about what I wrote for class last time.


Steve said...

How come you don't have your twitter comments linked to your blog page? What century are you in???

Steve said...

Your toast was awesome.