May 21, 2009

So my sister is married. That's so weird. It was a lovely, lovely wedding, and everyone cried (even me, possibly especially me, though Kate was also a disaster. An adorable disaster, but all the same. Tears of joy! Holler!)

Even better, Thomas cried, which I have always said is very important in a wedding.

I am going to DC tonight to see Jon and also for some "informational interviews." I hope they go well, I'm getting so frustrated by my lack of employment. I feel like I'm grasping at air. Someday soon. Someday soon.

Plinky Prompt from May 12, 2009:
What do you have to have with you when you travel?
Specifically, share things the hotel isn't likely to have a replacement for.

I love little shampoo bottles that hotels have. I know that's not an answer to the question at all, but I thought it might be worth mentioning. I always take them. Always. The conditioner usually leaves much to be desired, because I'm really picky about my conditioner, but the shampoo always smells nice.

As for what I need to bring: I'm a terrible packer. I inherited this unfortunate trait from my mother. I pack really heavily, but I forget essentials. I always tell the story of the time my mother drove us to Savannah, GA (possibly my favorite place on earth). She liked to pack meals to save money and because she and Kate were vegetarian and didn't eat seafood (mom still is, Kate not so much). As she was unpacking, she realized she had brough 4 bottles of Italian salad dressing. Four. Bottles.

Then we were all, "let's go to the beach!" and mom went to change and comes out still in jeans and says, "I forgot to pack shorts!"

...Yeah, that's unfortunate, and I'm constantly doing the similar. Did I bring my toothbrush? Unlikely. Shoes? God, no. Never! But you can count on me to bring 100 pairs of underpants. And socks, even if I'm not even packing shoes that require them. You know, just in case?

Once again I dodged the question. Mr. Bear, maybe? I don't really travel with him often, but I do miss him when he's gone. Sigh. A lot of denim. I love my jeans. I lost a pair in the Atlanta Hilton over Spring Break. I'm still upset about it. I've "replaced" them, but my life will never be the same. Girls understand what it's like to have favorite jeans die. DIE. Ugh.

I'm still in class and have half an hour left. Another Plinky prompt?

May 9, 2009:
Do you prefer writing on paper or a keyboard?

Absolutely, 100%, on paper. I like my chicken scratches dominating the page, blue pen all over the place. I think it's far, far more personal. I feel a deep connection to the process of writing on paper. It makes me feel good, allows me to deal with a lot of emotional issues, I don't know. I just really like the personality. I think a lot of that is lost on a computer screen. Sorry, Blogger.

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