June 17, 2009

Extraordinary Changes

Well, here I am, an alumna of The Ohio State University. I am very proud. And terrified, probably like most of my classmates. I graduated with just under what should have been Magna Cum Laude, but since OSU is the largest school in the country (holler!), they don't count your last quarter grades toward Latin Honors, and therefore, I graduate Magna. Eat it, 3.69!

I did not black out on senior crawl, which is quite an achievement (I feel like going to 24 bars and being even marginally reasonable is awesome. Go me). I went with Staters, and loved being an honorary S for the day. I really do miss those people. At first I thought it might be a little awkward, but they treated me like their own. Fabulous.

I am also excited about my graduation party. Even though the man that I credit with turning me into an English major can't come. Devastation. I think it'll be nice though, even without him. Sigh.
Plus after all the, as my mother calls them, "grown-ups" leave, apparently we're having a bonfire and booze. That'll be awesome. S'mores and BL. Holler.

I have also decided, after much back and forth, that I am moving to D.C. on August 1. It's a risk, and I realize that, and I've got the justified amount of fear in my stomach (I think Tim is already having heart failure), but at the end of the day, I'm young. I want to live there and work there long-term, and it's hard to get a job there if you don't live there. I am excited about the city, I've felt a connection to it for a long time (longer, even, than I've been able to say I'd been there), and unemployment is much lower there than pretty much anywhere else. I am qualified, well-connected, and a hard worker. I'll make it work. I have to: if I move there, I won't have any other choice. If I don't take the chance, I feel like I'll sit here in Burlington, scared out of my mind that I don't have a career, working my high school job, depressing myself about where my life is headed. I can do better than that. I will. I'm moving to our nation's capital.

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