October 29, 2008

"Everyone Looks Weird in the Wintertime"

I guess I haven’t really written anything on what has been saving my sanity of late, Tri Delta.

I met with Stephanie Gent for the Penn State Game at Panini’s, and heard all about her totally fab life in DC. When I told her about Alex, she responded with stories of her and Gene the Jew, who decided they couldn’t marry because (among other reasons, but chiefly) she loved Jesus. She said, “it totally ruined my life, then I got over it.” I mean, she was drunk, but that’s great stuff. I miss her.

Steph is, of course, the reason I became a Tri Delta in the first place; she taught me what it meant to be Greek outside of the drinking and the boys and all the craziness.

I feel like Tri Delta got me through everything, and I don’t know where I’d be without the girls in this house (past and present). I got out of an abusive relationship my sophomore year because they taught me my value, and it is the girls in this house pulling me out of my funk now. I recognize, of course, that I sound like a cheeseball, but I can’t help it. I know that I am in this house for a reason, and that I am not totally damaged because of their help.


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Anonymous said...

Chris, I love you... but you already knew that. I'm not really sure what to comment about without getting to mushy... haha, but I will tell you that I'll always be here for you... sure we're friends, but even more importantly, we're sisters and thats a whole lot better. :)

DL, Molly