January 02, 2009

I promise I'm not dead

It's been far too long...I'm usually pretty good about updating about every other day, but mom's computer suuuuuucks. It does this really awesome trick where it takes about a minute for anything you type to show up on the screen, so editing is not only frustrating, but at times impossible. So, that's a really cool trick. Also, I don't get cell service at home, so I have virtually no communication with the outside world out there.

Break was kind of a let down, mostly because I worked too much and was too exhausted to really enjoy myself. I didn't even get to buy jeans at the Gap Outlet, which is one of my favorite stores. Sigh.

Christmas Eve was nice (except my work shift that day). Kerrie and Sarah have adorable babies, and it's nice to get to see them then send them off. It's insane how many people I work with that had kids as teenagers (including one girl who was 14 when she conceived and 15 when her son was born. She's 16 now...woah). I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to have a child at this point in my life. There's one girl there that is my age that is married with child. That totally freaks me out.

Then on Christmas Day, as per tradition, Kate, Thomas, and I went to Louisville to see the grandma and dad's fam. I had a great time, and also as per tradition, we finished our puzzle late at night on the last night. It was nice to see dad and see that he really is doing well. I mean, I believed him, kind of, over the phone, but I am more frustrated than he seemed on the phone. Stupid Dooce.

Now I am even more excited about Eric's Bar Mitzvah. I even bought a dress to wear, which is incredibly fabulous. I was going to pay full price for it, then I saw a sign that I had somehow missed saying "40% off all dresses!!!!" Super exciting. Also, kudos to WhiteHouse/BlackMarket for exceptional customer service. They let me and Kate into the store after they were closed. We just figured that it was extended holiday hours, but we asked, and they go, "Yeah, we're closed, but what were you looking for?" amazing. Even more amazing is the dress itself.

I spent New Year's Eve in Burlington with Kerrie. It was a good time, but I tend to hate high-pressure drinking nights where I feel like the first and only option is to be wasted. It was also interesting because I didn't realize how much tension there is between Kerrie and Sarah. That is to say, a lot.

Sarah bought mom and Tim a 42" plasma screen TV. It was bit awkward for the rest of us, to say the least. I didn't really know how to react, and it was clear that mom didn't either, despite the fact that she later said she "really didn't think it bothered Kerrie that much..."

Kerrie and Greg brought it up at the party, and they were, in fact, really upset by it (shock!). Sarah married into money and all the sudden changed, apparently. I didn't really know herbefore she was dating Steve, so I can't comment on that, but it really was rude. I don't know, I guess if it were me I would have gone about giving someone a gift that large and showy in a different way.

Anyway, yesterday I drove to Ann Arbor to hang out with Kate and Thomas. It's been nice, and hey! Internet AND cell phone! Today we went shopping and I got two cute tops (one of which Kate also got, to maximize twininess!) and a sweater. All in all, very sucessful. For some reason, "after Christmas sales" means "sales for the rest of time, woah our numbers were low in '08!" Whatever, Chris is profiting!

In other news, I think I'm going to write a book. I'm working on a query letter and trying to find time to leave Columbus this quarter to write sample chapters. This may aid my job search. And by that I mean, I can see myself working more on my sample chapters than my resume. That's not a good idea.

Also, I don't know where to begin on the actual job hunt, where I have a clear plan for my book. How does one start applying for jobs? I hear that job search sites like Monster and whatnot are not effective, so how am I supposed to know who is hiring? I don't have the types of connections that other people have, and so... what now? Maybe I should just go to law school. Ha.

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