February 03, 2010

Nobody Likes You When You're 23

For my birthday, I visited Kate and Thomas in Chicago. It was amazing. I never really think of New Year's Day as a new year, mostly because my birthday is so soon after, and becoming a new age feels much more like a new beginning. But regardless, if I'm going to start my new age with anyone, it feels right to do it with Kate, who was there the first time, Thomas, and Liz. Plus Chicago is a great city, and despite the bitter, bitter cold, I got to see a lot of it. Like the Jelly Bean in Millennium Park. (After which we were to cold to continue, so we went to Bennigan's, that old Chicago classic, and drank beers in the plural.)

They took me to Mindy's Hot Chocolate for dinner, which I HIGHLY recommend. I got the Mac and Cheese. Nothing is quite as spectacular as gourmet mac and cheese. I also ate on top of the John Hancock building, which was good, but was more about the views than the plates.

On the drive home, I called a number of people, including one of my best friends from high school, Megan. Apparently she goes bowling every Monday with a group of people I know from high school, so she invited me along. First of all, I haven't bowled in yearssss, and I must say, it shows. Second, so fun. Third, it is so nice to have Megan back in my life, and to have friends in the area. I stayed at her house Monday night and we stayed up all night recapping the past forever. She's the kind of person that, no matter how long it has been, we can just pick up where we left off. I hope it never gets to be as long as it had been. (She's never seen me brunette, which means at least 2 years. Unacceptable.)

Also, this coming weekend I'm going to Columbus. Which means that each weekend I've been living in Kentucky, I've either gone out of town or seen someone I love here. Which fits nicely with my resolution to see my friends who spread themselves out all over this country. Amazing.

Weekend-Defining Music:
1. "What's My Age Again?"
2. "Tik Tok" (which is a horrible excuse for a song, but lines like 'Wake up in the mornin' feelin' like P. Diddy,' 'errrrbody gettin' crunk, crunk,' and 'boys blowin' up my phones, phones' really make that song what it is. Which is totally quotable. In a terrible way.)


Unapologetically Mundane said...

Oh, Columbus.

Where are you exactly in Kentucky? I think I sort of missed that part. I ask because my younger sister lives in Lexington and is very fun.

Chris said...

Lexingtonnnnn <3 Wildcaaaaaats. <3

I am in Northern Kentucky, greater Cincinnati. I live with my mom. She lives here. That is why I live here. But I do love Kentucky. I really want to live in Louisville or Lexington, but as I am unemployed, I live here. With my mom, as mentioned.

Columbus, Columbus, Columbus. I'm going to eat at Northstar! And go to Mugs at Out R Inn on Sunday! The best of the best.

Unapologetically Mundane said...

Oh, Northstar. My boyfriend-who-was-never-actually-my-boyfriend-but-should-have-been used to work there. I have such romantic thoughts about that place.

Anyway, Cincinnati's pretty great, too. Is it terrible that I love Newport on the Levee? And what's that great concert venue that's there? It looks like a house or a castle or something. And there's some restaurant there that's known for its massive desserts. I still think about it all of the time, despite not knowing its name.