February 23, 2010


Since my last post was on Lysacek's gold medal, I will now defend him against the comments of SILVER MEDALIST Plushenko. Maybe I should have referred to him as Platinum medalist?

Whatever. He's just mad because his medals represent a "regress." Ugh.

Here's the thing. Should the champion land a quad? Sure. But Plushenko got involved in a sport in which he knew the rules. When you start figure skating, you learn you get points for execution, footwork, artistry, and all kinds of other aspects of figure skating, most of which I probably don't understand. But Plushenko does.

It's like if you said that a team that hit a home run in baseball but sent fewer players across the plate should have been the winner. Or a bowler that hit more strikes but had fewer total points should have won. Is it more impressive, more interesting? Sure. But it doesn't make you the winner. And also, SHUT UP, PLUSHIE.

I went to Columbus this weekend, and I can't even really begin to explain the hijinks Katie and I got ourselves into. I keep trying, and deleting everything I wrote, because words really can't do it justice. We stole a Hannah Montana guitar from the birthday cake. We found a new favorite store. We baked with an Easy Bake oven. We made a million grilled cheese sandwiches. There are so many, many other things we did. I hope I remember them forever.

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