November 08, 2008

Date Party

As it turns out, Brad Reed was a fantastic choice.

As soon as we got to Callahan's, I tripped over this raised stage thing that I totally did not see, 100% sober. And I have a very painful bruise on the top of my foot roughly the size of Texas. And if I flex my feet it hurts. It was kind of comical, though, because I tripped over the stair and threw my drink essentially across the floor, and one of my heels went flying off and Brad had to go get it. I'm not sure how many people saw that one, but I'm sure they got some amount of enjoyment out of it.
Also, my pointer is sore swollen and I don't really know why.

After Date Party, we went to the O and drank beers and talked about GOLF CHANNEL, law school, and USG. I told him he made the right choice. He talked about how hard it was and how he felt like he had let me down. I told him the universe let him down and he shouldn't worry about me at all.

Upon returning, I drunk IMed my father.

Me: dad?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!
Dad: yes?
Dad: how was the date?
Dad: i see.
Me: ahhhhhhhhhhha
Dad: sayuce?
Me: yopu know like hot saucr
Me: drunk sauce
Dad: ok. doesn't make sense to me, but hey, it's been a while since i was in college
Me: im glad if i live in orlando i will be close to daddy thats yopu
Dad: i'd like that
Me: evn though i hate orland o ttoursists
Me: so mny of them
Dad: traffic is miserable, but hey, no state income tax.
Me: how is erics girlllll?
Dad: haven't grilled him yet.
Me: yay florida another swing stat e my voyte still counts i love it
Me: ok
Me: i have to go now
Dad: g'night.
Me: i love you soooo much daddy i miss living iwht you in florida beaches and daddy best summer ver
Me: and pool and weather :-( miss you
Me: and also i miss [his address in florida]
Dad: me too. i'm glad we had the chance.
Me: #[apartment number]
Me: yessss
Dad: you can still visit.
Dad: or stay, if you haven't gotten a job by the summer.
Dad: i'd kick you out after a few months, though.

Then I proceeded to call him. HA.

All in all though, a great night with all kinds of crazy. I love it.

A photo of me and Brad:
(I'll try to find a suitable full-length photo as soon as possible, but the current ones are all of me doing the cactus, and... I mean... I'm not sure I want to post photos of the cactus on my blog...)

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Nicole said...

I love that you drunk IMed your father.

I drunk dialed mine once... from France. THAT was fun.

Oh, you should have your charger tomorrow. I'm a horrible friend.

BUT you love me. When are you home (in Cincy) next? OR what are you up to next weekend?