November 04, 2008

Happy Founder's Day, Tri Delta!

I love Founder's Day. Technically, Tri Delta was founded on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, but we celebrate annually the first Monday of the month of November.

I don't know, it's something about the fact that there are 80 year old women who make it in to celebrate something they started over 50 years ago. Something about the fact that I've never met these women, but they are my sisters. Something about the fact that they heard the same exact ritual I did Lord knows how many years ago. Old Tri Delta women are fabulous. (Love you, Nanny :D)

Tomorrow is election day. I am kind of excited about it; I can't wait to watch 5,000 hours of Chris Matthews and Tom Brokaw and the MSNBC crew (liberal that I am) talk politics, talk results. I am such a geek sometimes it makes my head hurt.

I additionally realized (which I intellectually knew but I guess I never admitted it to myself) that my Jags provided the Bengals their FIRST WIN OF THE SEASON. I give up on football entirely. Go Redlegs? Sigh, I guess I need to just give up on sports altogether. We'll see how the golf season goes, but at this rate I may just need to live a sports-less life.

I also just realized I only took one earring out after Founder's Day, which means I've been walking around with one giant pearl in for some amount of time, like some sorority pirate. I'm pretty sure I need to go to bed. I EVEN WENT IN PUBLIC LIKE THIS.

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Patrick said...

Your Jags let Byron Leftwich go and he wins a game for the Steelers against the redskins. I guess they wish they had him back right now.