November 07, 2008

Tri Delta = Field Consultants and Date Parties

Every time I see the word PARTIES, I think of Pirates of Penzance. Only my father would know why, and it is entirely because he ruined me as a child.

Tonight is date party, and I'm currently putting off getting ready because I hate being ready early for this kind of thing. I sit around in my dress and get nervous about whether it looks right or if I should touch up my makeup just one more time, and fix my hair overmuch, even though it looked fine to begin with, thereby ruining the look altogether... yeah. So I'm blogging instead.

I'm taking Brad Reed, former head of the Reed/Dennis USG ticket... we were so going to win. It still kind of bothers me that we didn't run. We would have kicked ass, but I guess that's just the way life goes. But my dress is adorable and that's what's really important.

Also, we had a field consultant in for Tri Delta last weekend, as I mentioned earlier, and things went well. And I sort of flirted with the idea of applying for it again (I thought about it quite a bit last year, but thought it might be a bad idea since it's only a one year appointment and pay is low). So...I am in the process of applying to be a DDD FC. (Holler.) Also, our chapter alumna advisor applied and got the job, but ended up turning it down because she got a big kid job at United Way. She said that if nothing else, the application process is really fun and worth doing. And since I have no idea whether I am a viable candidate for any position at GOLF CHANNEL, I suppose I should apply for anything and everything that comes my way. Hence, Field Consultant application. Here's to Tri Delta!

It might actually be awesome. You get to travel the country (and Canada!) and see all these schools and local Tri Delta chapters...I think I would love it. So I guess we'll see how it turns out.

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Steve D said...

God, that seems like so long ago. Frighteningly, I still remember all the anagrams.